I am such a looser
I totally hate ma self god um a real failure all day I ate 1 banana n went to da gym den at dinner tym at about 8 pm I was so bored n I started binging!!! I binges about 600 calories I went n purged but um sure dat I didn get evrything out I really dunno what to do um starting to loose hope here tings r goin real bad wit me I gotta punish ma self I really have to I won't eat at least for da next 5 dayssss if I continued wot wr um doin I'll definetly gain weight nt loose!! I feel disgusted real awful I really wish if it cld b much easier i've no support at all um really loosin control here i really need to fast startin from tom !!!!!!!!

First fasting day AGAINnnn Ughh
Okai so i had an apple n some peanuts ruinin ma fast yesterday ughhhh anyway um starrin all ova today um havin a green tea now I won't fail dis time um gonna do it PERFECTIon here I come!!!

Fast day1
I started ma first fast today yayy I've had a cinnamon drink in da mornin as I've heard dat it helps in fat burnin I'll continue ma day drinkin water n chewin some sugar free gum n I'll have loads ov green tea Hope everyone is foin jst great have a good day :)

(no subject)
Hey everyone dats ma 1st post in livejournal um 16 n um willin 2 do anuthin 2 loose weight I'd love 2 mak some new friendships in here cz many ov us hav dis one ting in common right!! now ma cw is 59-60 kg n I wanna b 52 kg I desperately wanna loose dese kgs n boost ma confidence I guess um startin ma 1st fast tommorow so of anyone wants to join me jst post me we all gotta stand together n thinspire eachotha :) good luck everyone xx


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